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This exclusive tour offers a chance to explore 200km of bones and rich history. Throughout history the catacombs have been used for mining and burial, but now it is a place filled with wonder and activity.

You will start the journey at the top of the Eiffel Tower, visit the louvre and enjoy coffee at a Parisian cafe. There we will discuss how everything works, answer any questions our FAQ’S haven’t answered, give you your gear and take you down for the rest of the tour.

During the tour you will:

  • Meet the cataphiles
  • Visit old war bunkers
  • See the artworks of the cataphiles
  • Watch a movie at the cinema
  • Enjoy fine dining and dancing at the restaurant/bar
  • Watch fire performers, musicians
  • Go have your own self guided tour

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Start at the top of the Eiffel Tower, making your way down through the city and visiting famous landmarks such as the louvre, the Notre Dame. You will also explore the old graveyards and learn about the rich history of Paris.

The tour will then proceed 50-75 feet underground into the catacombs. Over night options are available at the old war bunkers which is the first stop. Each day we will explore the depths of the catacombs with variuos activites. By the end of the tour you are more than welcome to venture on your own with a map and the gear provided. Do you dare?

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How safe will this tour be?

Our staff is fully trained with knowledge of CPR, search and rescue, and know the catacombs very well. You will also be provided with a map and a compass. You are also given a device that will track your whereabouts by using GPS.

What about Cancellations and refunds?

We require 48 hours in advance notice. If you do not re-book there will be a fee charged to you. The only time refunds are available are if the tour itself cannot be carried out. In which case you will be refunded in full. There are no exceptions made at any time during the tour, whether due to illness or other personal matters.

What about payments, fees, and booking?

You can pay by credit card or paypal, the prices have tax included. These prices do not include airfare, hotels, or food outside of the catacombs. Booking can be done anytime but best before hand as spots tend to fill up fast.

What do I need to bring?

The tour provides all equipment, which includes: Backpack with food and water, first-aid kit , flash light, batteries, safety hat, walkie-talkie and a flare gun. Wear comfortable clothing. Cameras and video recorders are permitted.

Can the schedule change?

Changes are possible but very rare. We are always aware of areas under going construction, or that are not accessible due to flooding or other circumstances.

Paris Underground
6 Rue Victor Masse
Paris 75009 France
Tel: 33 (14) 878-4526

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