Zen Condos

This was for a college assignment. After looking at it though I’m thinking on a redesign!

See the full website (Currently being updated, new design on the way!)

So first really comes the content and research. Then the wireframes, they aren’t overly detailed just enough to say this, this and this go here.

Looking at it now I’d say there are a few conventions that need to follow the guidelines, this is seen in the gallery page and just where buttons are sitting on some of the pages. The sizes of the buttons need to be the same. This also helps create consistency and trust with the website. It keeps it clean and organized looking as well.

Some conventions can be broken, but there’s really no need to invent the wheel.

I feel the design could use a “facelift” more spacious and less boxy, and perhaps less grey.

So I did just that. Really opened it up, played with the header tagline and made a single goal for the user. There is a lot of reduction of text, the use of the double logo is gone. It’s minimalistic making the purpose quick and clear, the competition for what action to take is gone – giving clarity to what the product is and a way to find out more.