Versapay Platform 

Overview of modernized platform

Here is a high fidelity prototype


The platform allows clients to connect with their customers, about invoicing, late payments, sending invoices, disputing invoices, seeing all of their customers, internal role functions within the platform, an inbox system, scheduling payments, open and overdue payments


Research other platforms, design, branding, understanding hierarchy from collaboration with in the team who talked one on one with clients. Create an ideation for possible outcomes.


1 Month


Clients need a more modern platform to interact with 


Create something that is functional, modern and has a stronger design


Not enough man power

Technology constraints


A clean and modern feel, inspired by google material design

Research and Competitive Evaluation

  • General research into platforms
  • Much of the competition doesn’t show what their platform looks like

Pain Points

  • This system looks outdated do they maintain it?
  • Theres no strong hierarchy what do I look at first?
  • I want to know how many payments have been made
  • I want to know who is late on their payments
  • I don’t want to have to manually click to pay each invoice

It Started With This

Example of Iterations



Defining the Users

  • Wishes to have a modern platform
  • Feels something modern is better maintained and trustworthy
  • If they don’t keep the platform updated will they keep the system updated?
  • Wants a way to just pay all

General inquires About Updating the Platform

  • Is use of color effective?
  • Are all colors that are used understood (red for immediate attention for example)
  • Are icons clear and understandable
  • Does the selected state have enough contrast?

Measuring Success

  • Hierarchy, colors and icons allows for quicker recognition
  • Reducing Cognitive Overload
  • Clarity on hierarchy

What Did I Learn?

The importance of relating back to pain points and understanding the goal.




Versapay Website Redesign

This was a before of the website

Over View

A B2B platform for Accounts Receivables.

Revising the website was a major step for Versapay. I worked closely with our internal marketing team and an external agency to bring the new vision to life.


Researched external agencies to help code and implement, interviewed multiple agencies in person with the marketing team, full site map gathering, researching competitors, brainstorming sessions, agency and company meetings, use of google analytics to see funnels, wireframes, full design, QA on website.


6 Months


Website is outdated and not clear enough about our services


Provide a website that is clear about Versapay, its services and clients


Redesign the website

Research and Competitive Evaluation


Quick Books


Mockups and Wireframes

  • Initial look was inspired by Material Design
  • Reason was to go beyond the typical look and feel (at the time) of account receivable websites
  • Wanted to move social proof in hierarchy
  • Updated the Sign up Log in
  • Used Greys to pull in more emphasis into the menu,



Resources Page

Second Iteration

Closer to what the industry/competition was doing at the time

More items added to the menu, which reduces searching for them on the website


The process started with a huge site map, then stickie notes and going through to see what was needed or not needed.

Wireframe of homepage

Wireframes of all the pages


Pain Points

  • I don’t really know what the company does
  • Do I pay them and then they pay my customers?
  • Paper invoicing is too hard to keep track of how does this company help?
  • Emailing or mailing disputes just takes too long
  • Late payments

Defining the Users

  • Wants to get paid faster
  • Wants accurate data
  • Wants to automate their accounts receivable
  • Needs real time dispute resolution

Measuring Success

Internal QA testing allowed us to see bugs and any confusing usability

Website launched within the timeframe provided

External agency was able to execute from the designs provided

What Did I Learn?

Internal feedback was insightful for the re-design

Knowing our users from working on the product team (BA, VP, Product Owners) was helpful in gaining insight to the pain points


Sign in or sign up for mobile concepts

Looking back I would change the ux completely! Especially the stepper.

The good thing is I’m always learning and growing as a ux/ui designer!