A B2B platform for Accounts Receivables.

Revising the website was a major step for Versapay. I worked closely with our internal marketing team and an external agency to bring the new vision to life. My role was wire frames and design, marketing was to provide a bridge between company needs with the hired external agency, who developed the website and incorporated perdot into the system.




This was a before of the website

Goal: Get paid faster!

The Problem: Website was overwhelming with no clear understanding of what Versapay is, outdated designs and UI

Limitations: Adding in perdot

Solution: Working with an external agency to help build the website and add in perdot

My role included the design aspect while working with the internal marketing team, and the agency for final execution.

My idea for the redesign:

Idea 2

Wireframe of the entire website. The process started with a huge site map, then stickie notes and going through to see what was needed or not needed.





The Platform itself

A lot of the problems faced in this platform is an overwhelming amount of choices, hierarchy, and a cohesion between choice and actions.

The solution was to use color to help give more direction, put items away but still make them find able and relative to where they belong. Much of the research was done with live clients, that communicated between the BA and Designer. They would state a need, or a function, our team would work closely with their feedback and the feedback between their clients.

This was the before of the platform:

My role was to work closely with the team, VP, BA, Product Owner, and to work on the design elements, create branding and add clarity.



This is a cleaned up version. Notice color cohesion and overall clarity. A bit more modernized as well.

Problem: An outdated looking system

Limitations: Budget and small development team

Solution: Provide a mock up

This was a requested concept.



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A persona based off of information from the BA, who directly communicated with clients and provided feedback and insight.