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An AirBnB style tattoo studio that rents out space to artists, with various rates and a flexible schedule. It offers everything the tattoo artist needs for supplies, is insured and health board inspected. 


Client interviews, Artist Interviews, competitive research, wireframes, branding, final mock ups




Independent tattoo artists are looking to book a space and create their own schedule

Artists need a health board inspected place to work


Create a website that will enable tattoo artists to book and create their own schedule


Add pricing and area to book

Research and Competitive Evaluation

Looking at Airbnb, westjet, hotels, tattoo shops

Key Interview insights from Client

  • No hidden fees
  • Supplies are provided
  • Provides a safe clean and insured environment
  • Wants to brand to feel trustworthy

Pain Points 

  • I’m tired of overhead and the drama of tattoo shops
  • I want my own flexible schedule
  • Wish I didn’t have to pay for my own supplies
  • How do I know this place is health board approved and insured?

Defining the Users

  • Wishes for more freedom
  • Wants to focus more on tattoos than keeping track of materials
  • Wants a safe, clean, and health board insured place to work or get work done
  • Wants to set their own schedule
  • Wants to choose who their clients are


Basic structure

Prices added in because they are known

Finalizing the Look and Feel

What Did I Learn?

  • Still on going
  • Letting users know where they are in a process
  • Beautiful design and function for the stepper
  • Aiming to simplify the process and let users know what’s next and how much is there to do
  • Rates are included to users so they dont have to guess or search
  • Users can see both check in and check out
  • Check in and check out are also coordinated to the chosen rate and whats available
  • Use of contrast for better accessibility

Why These Colors and Overall Tone

  • Dark inky colors speak better to the intended audience
  • Relatable images to connect with the tattoo artists
  • Some of the colors were provided by the client

What’s Left To Do

  • Aid client with logo
  • Better high quality photos of studio
  • Photos of artists working at the studio
  • Possible video in the header to replace the image
  • Social proof and quotes from the artists
  • Images of supplies and what’s included
  • Contact info, social media and owner bio
  • Usability, feedback and code