Paris Underground

This was my final project for college!

You’ll need to enable flash (this was done in 2013)

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I chose this as my my final project, as I adore the city of Paris and wanted to have a blend of the city of love and the macabre underground.

While parallax seems to be a passing phase and rather heavy, it did fit this theme. The catacombs of Paris is a journey of going through the layers of the city. It’s a mix of adventure, story telling, and using a design trend appropriately.


This project involved a full marketing analysis, involving Personas, SWOT, Perceptual maps, Segmentations, Positioning statement, Action plans and Promotion. This is available upon request.

My role was also wireframes, research, wireframes, mockups and code


4.5 Months


Need a way to entice people to visit the catacombs


Provide an exciting visit to the catacombs


Create a journey that is visually appealing, adventurous and still keeps the magic of Paris alive

Research and Competitive Evaluation

Currently there are tours, they are very limited and show just a small portion of something that is incredibly massive

There are also tours in Italy

Pain Points

  • I don’t know if this is safe
  • My life is boring I want adventure
  • I don’t know how long I want to stay in there

Defining the Users

  • Wants to feel secure and safe
  • Wants adventure
  • Wants various packages to suit their needs

Measuring Success

Design to code was a success

Design, theme, branding, storytelling, experience are consistent

What Did I Learn?

The catacombs are massive and a lot goes on down there

The art of emotional and storytelling design

To really embrace creativity and the use of technology/appropriate trends