National Ballet Case Study

This is the subtitle

The main goals here would be to sell tickets and see what current events are being showcased.

When landing on this page it isn’t really clear, everything seems to have the same value or weight. The first thing I looked at was the menu. What is needed, what’s clear or unclear. One thing was the My Account was in the footer. Following ui protocol it was moved to the top. Company and Interact were changed into About, this could include a drop down menu with those options or just a total redesign merging those pages together. Support was another way to donate, seeing as it’s there twice but in different words it holds a bit of importance, so Support becomes a nice Donate button.

The Donate button was out of place, and needed a home, and more fitting text. In the original design it’s more or less just dangling there. So it was moved, added more length for stronger text and sits beside the search bar.

The main event needed to be bundled, so the title, calendar, and call to action were in one spot. It gives users a bit of direction and flow, here’s the event, the seats available, and a way to book those seats. The images used seemed a bit small, so in the redesign they would be a lot larger. Just for a bit more allure. This area could also rotate, or just promote the most recent events taking place.

Following the main event would be the up and coming, they don’t get as much space and are a bit smaller. They show all the information, dates, title of event, and a way to get more information. The call to action would take them to their appropriate page, with info, calendar and a way to purchase tickets. Perhaps the call to action could say Booking & Info so it is clear OK that’s going there.

The footer is a bit hefty, but holds a lot of important information. The most that needs to be done here is just a clean up and fresh design.

The mobile version is pretty simple, I’ll post the wireframes shortly.

So next comes content, this includes mood boards, images, all the text. I’ve chosen an image that will fit the header, it’s dramatic, has movement and a bit of mystery. It’s not overwhelming, or complicated. The simplicity and clarity speak for themselves. The pose points towards the calendar, subtle but just enough. There’s breathing room and white space, allowing people to easily locate what they need with out becoming distracted or overwhelmed.

It’s a bit darker, but that fits the dramatic side of the theme and adds a bit of punch, it also helps make the content stand out, instead of fading in with the background.