Iotum Inc.

iotum leads the industry with innovative value–added audio and web conferencing options for small businesses, large enterprises, individuals, community and nonprofit organizations.

My role was mainly design from wireframes, mockups, final designs, print, working with developers, and CEO. It was a highly collaborative environment and everyone took part in the the projects given.

Global Conference


Over View

Global Conference was created to bridge the gap between business professionals worldwide, eliminating the need for costly and exhausting travel


Re-Design, branding, custom graphics and work closely with the developer and CEO


3 Months


Outdated website


Provide a classy and sleek looking website, remove pricing and only have a request quote


Use color, images, tone to create an overall luxurious look 



Custom Icons



These were more discussions with the CEO about look and feel, which colors and images would be best

Pain Points

  • I don’t know if I trust this website
  • I don’t know what to do first
  • I just want someone to help me get this set up
  • If this is the quality of their website what will the conferencing be like?

Defining the Users

  • Wishes to have better online conferencing
  • Wants website to feel more trustworthy
  • Wants a direct quote instead of having to figure out the best plan

General inquires 

  • What branding will best suit the website
  • Is the message clear about the product

Measuring Success

Everything works properly

Developer was  able to execute from the designs provided

Design speaks well to the intended audience

Tested on various devices

What Did I Learn?

To simplify a design

Great use of color and image really help carry a product

The progress of and
I had to go to way back machine – So I can be honest about the design work I did, which it doesn’t quite look like now (times and designs change so fast 🙂
Both continue with the Puffin mascot and graphics created, similar design in layout


Freeconference, which was rebranded and targeted at UK users and became

If you’d like to try out the iphone app or android



It started here with Freeconference, then the was beginning with branding, puffins and….



FreeConference Products

Pain Points

  • I hate setting up conferences
  • I don’t know what to do first
  • I worry about long distance fees
  • I don’t know if the quality will be good
  • Is this just for businesses?

Defining the Users

  • Wishes for easier conferencing
  • Wants web and mobile applications but doesn’t want to download anything
  • Wants quality for video and voice
  • Wants an app for downloading
  • Wants to use it for other reasons than just business meetings
  • Wants free conferencing

What Did I Learn?

To add in a start now or schedule helps make the choice easier

That there are a variety of organizations that wish to conference




Print and other marketing materials

View Print used in London UK

Custom Graphics Variation