Redemption Paws

Redemption Paws

Over View

A website to bring in donations and bring awareness to fostering pets


Client interviews, testing current website, gathering content, design and review


3 Days


Not visually appealing, calls to action are not apparent, important information is lost


Create more emotional impact and stronger calls to action (especially when it comes to mobile), bring more trust by bringing out important details


Update images, Make CRA Canadian Registered Charity stronger, create more user friendly calls to action

Research and Competitive Evaluation

Looked at WWF and other charities

Pain Points

  • I don’t don’t know if I trust this site enough to donate
  • If I’m on mobile is that a link or just red text
  • Do I click on Donate Securities, and where does that go? Does it do anything is it a button?

Defining the Users

  • Wishes to donate to a good cause
  • Wants more clear calls to action
  • Wants to make sure the company is legitimate

Measuring Success

Still waiting to implement, temporary design solution in place.

Stronger calls to action created and color use to try and bring in visual impact


What Did I Learn?

Red text links are not apparent to people especially on mobile

Creating stronger visuals helps a products success

Bringing out important information helps create trust