Passion Project

An app for dog owners that would allow them to not only socialize, but set reminders, find local dog parks, vets, pet stores, allow for alerts and messaging.

Persona 1:

User scenario 1:

Sheila has just moved to a new province, her dog has become extremely ill. Sheila is not familiar with the area and her internet provider will not be set up for another week. She needs to know the nearest vet and a map on how to get there.


Create a map that can locate with in 5-10kms (can be edited in the profile)


Persona 2:

User scenario 2:

Brian has always been a shy fellow and usually communicates with social media. He doesn’t like going to the park and its either empty or nobody he knows is there. His dog is particular about who it plays with.

Solution 1:

Show map with closest dog park and a list of who is there, and possibly the time they arrived.

Solution 2:

Alert Brian when his friends are active. Allow Brian to either select a radius from his location or have him set up locations he would like alerts from.