Original OverView

An app for dog owners to find various things from dog parks, vet clinics, near by friends, pet stores, set up reminders, get alerts, have a feed similar to instagram, receive mail and set a location.

Revisioned Over View 

A way for pet owners to easily find playmates, vets, pet stores, and groomers or avoid certain dogs.

Whats unique about it?

The map and instant feedback

See the entire App 


Conceptualization, user journey, sketches, wireframe-mockups, user research, branding, design, iterations


Ongoing and revisiting


A way to keep dog owners connected to any resources they may need


Create an app that solves various pain points of dog owners


Create an easy to use app that provides answers to dog owners in one place

Research and Competitive Evaluation


Facebook (near by friends is a really cool idea)


Pain Points

  • I don’t know where the vet is in this area
  • I hate going to to dog park and its empty
  • I’m in a different part of the city and cant find a pet store
  • I’d like to organize play dates with other dog friends
  • I moved to a new province and my home wifi won’t be set up for a week
  • I want to avoid that bully dog or certain dogs
  • I dont feel secure having the map on all the time
  • I dont like not being in control of the location and when its on (lives beside dog park)

Defining the Users

  • Wants everything dog related in one place
  • Wants to be able to go anywhere in the city and be able to find pet store, vet, dog park, etc
  • Wants to to make friends and not feel isolated
  • Wants control over the map triggers
  • Wishes for instant feedback (asking on social media isn’t always immediate)

Use Cases Via Facebook



Researching how map interaction works:

  • Does the map trigger when they are at the dog park? Is this set up in edit profile (My locations)?
  • Can they set a timer for how long they will be there? Does it shut off when they leave?
  • Should there be a cta that sends out an alert to other friends? Is it automatic?

The ideation/wireframe phase

What the original concept looked like

Iteration/Wireframes Rough Ideas/Medium Fidelity 

  • Moved away from the clunky button interactions to icons
  • Removed background image (wasnt useful)
  • Removed messaging
  • Kept notifications
  • Moved edit

Iteration of the iteration (Wireframe/Rough Mock Up)

  • Added a way to see all the dogs currently at the dog park
  • Moved icons that relate to the action
  • Simplified how many dogs in the park instead of many small circles
  • Need to add a way to check into the dog park – which refers back to how the map interaction works and research

A Major Iteration!

  • And the map/location problem solved.
  • Also a few minor design tweaks.
  • Using multiples of 8 helps clean up a design nicely.
  • Moved icons to bottom for easier reachability.
  • Created a tap button to see all the dogs
  • Branding added
  • Removed notifications
  • Removed edit and is now a profile that takes a user to edit
  • Considered another option for the sign up and log in

WireFrames Samples

Finalizing the Design


Mood Board


The solution for the user who wants their location on and the solution for the user who wants their location off. In both cases they can set a timer that will allow the location to no longer show them at the dog park

A full landing page Ideation