RYPL – Slightly NSFW

24/7 Cams This project would allow an Fan Club Member to view a performers day to day life. They could view 2-8 Cams with in the house.

Passion Project

An app for dog owners that would allow them to not only socialize, but set reminders, find local dog parks, vets, pet stores, allow for alerts and messaging.


A B2B platform for Accounts Receivables. Revising the website was a major step for Versapay. I worked closely with our internal marketing team and an external agency to bring the new vision to life.

Tapgen – StartSpace

See the full website. Research Marketing Analysis Scenarios Personas Wireframes Prototypes User Testing Finalized Prototypes Front End    

Paris Underground

Interact with the Paris Underground website You'll need to enable flash (this was done in 2013) This was my final project for college! This was a challenge to not only create an experience but to create simple enough interaction.

Iotum Inc.

iotum leads the industry with innovative value–added audio and web conferencing options for small businesses, large enterprises, individuals, community and nonprofit organizations.

National Ballet Case Study

The main goals here would be to sell tickets and see what current events are being showcased. When landing on this page it isn't really clear, everything seems to have the same value or weight.

Zen Condos

This was for a college assignment. After looking at it though I'm thinking on a redesign! See the full website (Currently being updated, new design on the way!) So first really comes the content and research.