Redemption Paws

The Goal: To create a more enticing overall donation page, with stronger calls to actions. Use Case: I want to make a donation, how do I trust their credentials? User Case: It's not quite clear for me what to click on Problem: Not strong enough calls to action, not enough emotional tone and connection - also an update in wordpress has caused a delay.

RYPL – Slightly nsfw

Please be open minded, even though this role was for the adult entertainment industry, I knew I could make a meaningful difference.


A B2B platform for Accounts Receivables. Revising the website was a major step for Versapay. I worked closely with our internal marketing team and an external agency to bring the new vision to life.

Iotum Inc.

iotum leads the industry with innovative value–added audio and web conferencing options for small businesses, large enterprises, individuals, community and nonprofit organizations.