The AcuityAds industry-leading decisioning platform is based on proprietary AI-technology. The output is an extremely high performing digital media execution that intelligently connects marketers and consumers.


A way for pet owners to easily find playmates, vets, pet stores, and groomers or avoid certain dogs. I've wanted to make this app for a long time it's literally my pet project.

The Artist Social

An AirBnB style tattoo studio that rents out space to artists, with various rates and a flexible schedule. It offers everything the tattoo artist needs for supplies, is insured and health board inspected. People can also book appointments for those artists and micro blading 


Get Paid Faster! Versapay allows clients to connect with their customers, about invoicing, late payments, sending invoices, disputing invoices, seeing all of their customers, internal role functions within the platform, an inbox system, scheduling payments, open and overdue payments

SpaceX Design Test

I was asked to do a design test for a company called Dbrand (which was really far away from where I lived and would possibly involve a bush plane to get there), the task was to modernize SpaceX and blend their product as well.

Rypl – mildly nsfw

Cam4 is an adult platform, to connect performers and an audience. I worked on various projects, like SMS Verification, inbox, payment platform, notifications and more. While the site is NSWF the content you see here is fairly cleaned up and kept in mind for portfolio pieces. 

Paris Underground

My final college project which is a blend of something incredibly beautiful (the city of love) and something quite dark - the catacombs. It's a blend of story telling, and using parallax to create a journey beneath a beautiful city

Iotum Inc.

iotum leads the industry with innovative value–added audio and web conferencing options for small businesses, large enterprises, individuals, community and nonprofit organizations.

National Ballet Case Study

My love for the ballet lead me to pick the website apart, I felt it deserved a bit more! It was more of a passion project design revision.

Protected: MindGeek and Beyond

SFW. The worlds largest owner of adult content. From Free to premium. They literally own just about everything. It shows how much I've grown as a designer and how much the design industry has changed.