Redemption Paws

The Goal: To create a more enticing overall donation page, with stronger calls to actions. Use Case: I want to make a donation, how do I trust their credentials? User Case: It's not quite clear for me what to click on Problem: Not strong enough calls to action, not enough emotional tone and connection - also an update in wordpress has caused a delay.

Passion Project

An app for dog owners that would allow them to not only socialize, but set reminders, find local dog parks, vets, pet stores, allow for alerts and messaging.

Tapgen – StartSpace

The problem: My client needed a website for their coworking space in the west end of toronto. Starting from scratch, having no data or user feedback to work with.

Paris Underground

Interact with the Paris Underground website You'll need to enable flash (this was done in 2013) This was my final project for college! This was a challenge to not only create an experience but to create simple enough interaction.