Oh hi!

I am passionate about ux and design, my curiosity grows with every project, every question, and every possible solution. In my spare time I also study human behavior, the two go hand in hand. With knowing how humans work, this leads to greater successful outcomes in design patterns and methods.

I am versatile and adaptable. I learn quick. I adapt to different branding and love what I do.





Being of a curious nature is what helps us invent, create and understand. It fills in information gaps, the beauty of this is knowing that we don’t know – and research becomes a best friend. Exploring and asking questions is what nurtures and creates a space for not only personal growth, but in relationships, communities and among clients.

I’m so curious that after a trip to Italy I wanted to learn the violin. With no background in music or rhythm, I picked up one of the hardest instruments to learn.

Curiosity drove me to become a tattoo artist in 2017. which landed me an apprenticeship and actually tattooing real humans. View on Instagram


This is my doggo Matilda, she just wanted to say hi